We’re beyond excited to announce our partnership with Kitchen Table Community – the premier global network for leaders building micro-agencies.

This comes at the perfect time as post Covid companies are rapidly expanding their use of self employed creatives. Pre-Covid, the adoption of independent experts was growing around 30%. Covid hit this adoption into hyper drive. But as companies increase their spend on independent professionals, so too does their expectations, and they expect an agency level experience.

Which is why today’s partnership announcement is so important to us.

No one better understands how freelancers can provide an agency experience than John Ashton, founder of the content and copywriting agency WriteArm and founder of the Kitchen Table Community.

Starting today, Venture L members can access the Kitchen Table Collective – https://app.venturel.io/collective/kitchentable/

And Kitchen Table members have access to the Venture L collective job postings.

This is an exciting time for self employment, and today’s announcement is one small step for a massive change in the future of work.


From Episode 10: Why the future belongs to the networked freelancer.

About Venture L

We build the software for freelancers to earn more by winning large projects and scaling client accounts. We are NOT a marketplace. We are a productivity suite (Shopify for freelancers).

90% of your earning potential as a freelancer comes from collaboration. You need to refer work between your network, team up, and be there for each other. We use software + science to make collaboration as simple as calling an Uber (literally push button, start working).

We’re exclusive to a select group of global freelancers.

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About Kitchen Table Community

The Kitchen Table Community is home to the best small creative agencies. Membership includes peer-to-peer support, loads of useful content, access to a marketplace where you can pick up work, a listing in our agency directory and deals on products and services that will help you thrive.


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CEO of Venture L, Author of The Human Cloud

Matthew R Mottola is a global leader on the Human Cloud - the transition from physical and full time work to digital, remote, independent models.

At Microsoft, in joint partnership with Upwork, he built the Microsoft 365 freelance toolkit - the unlock for enterprises to embrace the human cloud at scale - bringing Microsoft from nascent to an industry leader in under two years.

At Gigster, he built Ideation - enabling freelance developers, data scientists, and product managers to consistently generate what should be built in the software development lifecycle.

His work has been featured by Forbes and Fortune to name a few. He is an international keynote speaker, speaking at leading conferences Remote Work Summit and YPO’s Innovation Week to name a few. He is the author of StartUp Not StartDown, upcoming book The Human Cloud, and contributor to leading industry reports.