Dear Clients,

We know, hiring freelancers is tough.

  • What should you charge?
  • How do you know what you need?
  • How do you know you’re choosing the right freelancer?

We’ve felt your pain. We’ve been there when projects went off the rails. 

BUT we’ve also made sure this never happens again. Which is why today we are beyond excited to introduce you to the freelancers that will consistently exceed your expectations. 

How do we know? At Venture L we’ve been fortunate to work with over 100 global freelancers that consistently provide a phenomenal client experience. Out of the 100, we created a hyper-vetted group then ran them through an intensive 4 week bootcamp. We vetted their subject matter expertise, audited their processes to make sure they can scale and provide a consistent experience, ran simulations to ensure they’re ready to provide you scoped outcomes, and gave them exclusive access to software that ensures compliance and security at scale. 

These are Venture L’s Class IV freelancers. We are beyond excited to introduce you to them. Now go hire them ASAP!  

Dani Ifrim

Dani Ifrim

Web Design & Development, Brand Strategy

Dani is a Full-Stack Designer who helps his clients differentiate their online presence. 

He’s helped a town launch an online platform to connect citizens with local businesses, brought brands from ideation to an end-to-end web presence, and many more.


Sanne Van Broeck

Sanne Van Broeck

Digital Marketing

Sanne creates simple, efficient digital strategies to companies who don’t have the time, knowledge or energy to do so themselves.

This ranges from (re)designing a complete website, SEO, creating clear content and storytelling, to setting up and maintaining their social media and more.


Kemal Avdovic

Kemal Avdovic

Design (Print and Digital), Mobile Design, Brand Strategy

Kemal helps his clients connect with their customers in a unique way through brand strategy and design.

He moves effortlessly between design disciplines and that gives him a unique perspective on the design and development process.


Anna Kaic

Anna Kaic

Social Media Marketing, Crypto

Anna builds her clients loyal customers through social media management, averaging her client’s a 30% increase in their customer base.  


JR Hernandez

JR Hernandez

Product Marketing, UI/UX, CRO, Shopify

JR helps eCommerce brands and agencies win by providing strategy, execution and optimization services.

For over 10 years he’s been spearheading projects, leading teams, and initiatives for Tier 1 agencies and brands across several industries.


Sanja K., Ph.D

Sanja K., Ph.D

Leadership Training, Collaboration Training

Sanja helps leaders improve communication and collaboration at work among different stakeholders so they can increase their collective leadership capacity. 

She advises leaders directly or works with organizations through workshops. 


Frederik Eksteen

Frederik Eksteen

Motion Graphics Design

Frederik specializes in 2D and 3D motion graphics and design, having worked with renowned Youtubers such as Matthew Santoro, as well as working alongside companies such as Wilderbeast and Shared Culture Concepts, to name just a few.

He’s fully proficient in After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Premiere Pro and Blender.


Kayla Shawley

Kayla Shawley


Kayla helps service based businesses with email and social media marketing.

While many marketers focus on social media as an end all-be all, she uses social media as a tool to grow an engaged community that is ready to buy from you when your email hits their inbox! 


Laurence Stevens

Laurence Stevens

Marketing, SaaS

Laurence is a creative SaaS marketer specialised in strategy, positioning, and growth.

He’s worked with leading brands like LG to help brand positioning, Amazon to help with messaging, and is currently leading marketing at B2B SaaS brand, Mango.


What is Class IV? 

Class IV is Venture L’s exclusive leadership cohort.

Each quarter, Venture L runs one leadership cohort. Cohort’s are vetted and accessible to everyone on the planet.


What is Venture L? 
Venture L is an operating system for freelancers to grow their business through Venture L.


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